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Casey's Creative Kitchens – 5 showrooms located in London,St.Thomas,Stratford,Sarnia and Waterloo,Ontario.

We have 35 employees plus 10 installers who are independent contractors.Fifteen of those employees are designers.We have been working with Decor since opening our Waterloo showroom which was 4 and a half years ago.



爸爸妈妈在圣路易斯开设了他们的第一家分店。Thomas in 1978.After 20 years with the one store they started expanding locations.In 1998 they opened the London showroom.In 2000 Chris officially joined the company and in 2001 they expanded to Stratford with Chris as the lead designer.In 2004 they opened Sarnia.In 2005 I joined the company as the Marketing and HR person.In 2010 we expanded to Waterloo.With five locations we could see that our volume was big enough that we decided to get into granite and quartz fabrication.In 2012 we opened our granite and quartz shop.Our brother Jamie,who had previously worked for us on our delivery team,took on a new role as head of the granite operations.



For the last few years we have worked on 4 of the London Millionaire Lottery Dream Home kitchens.总是一个令人兴奋的项目,因为我们要做一些非常独特和美丽的设计!!


在过去的4年里,我们一直是CIBC在伦敦举办的治愈运动的当地赞助商,而且每年我们都会派出一支队伍参加这次运动。Our first year we raised over $10,000!!

We are proud supporters of Ronald McDonald House and last March we went to the house and cooked dinner for the families.We will be doing another meal for the house in late fall.

Run for the cure


Our crew is very close and many of them are great friends outside of work.The London designers hold regular craft nights at the showroom where they make various crafts.Last year we went as a group to a Blue Jays game in Toronto as a fun day out!!


Quite a few of our employees have different hobbies.达米安our Operations Manager and his wife Robin,our Service Manager are avid Geocachers.They call it a"high tech scavenger hunt."They have intrigued a few fellow employees with this pastime,and there could be a Casey's Geocache coming soon!The London office designers are all big crafters.凯列希格曼是这群人中最活跃的。She recently made her own headboard for her bed and a rug!Chris Willemse is a big golfer,but he will say he doesn't get out as much as he should!本杰明·欧莱特,our recent"30 under 30"滑铁卢展厅的获胜者是一位世界旅行者,也没有计划减缓他的冒险!艾比·沃斯堡在我们的萨尼亚,喜欢剪贴簿,是个大跑步者。Casey himself is a VERY avid gardener,always willing to share his knowledge.Casey and Linda are also big into charity work,and serve as an inspiration to all of us with their endless enthusiasm for helping others.

Written By: Jennifer McIlveen,Owner
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