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Go to Defend Dignity

Defend Dignity

Defend Dignity exists to end all forms of sexual exploitation in Canada.

Go to Youth for Christ Morden

Youth for Christ Morden

Youth for Christ Morden exists to assist in mobilizing our Christian community to reach lost youth and to do so by all possible means.

Go to Pembina Counselling Centre

Pembina Counselling Centre

Pembina Counselling Centre is a fee for service non-profit counselling centre with professionally trained counselors.

Go to Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

We exist to honour Christ by providing compassionate support for the practical,emotional and spiritual needs of anyone impacted by pregnancy.


Glendyne Gerrard

Glendyne Gerrard gives direction to Defend Dignity,a national,justice initiative to end commercial,sexual exploitation.

Defend Dignity raises awareness through education on the issues of commercial,sexual exploitation and acts as a catalyst for people to get involved in being part of the solution to this human rights issue.Advocacy for law reform with our governments and providing aid in the form of resources and training to survivors,organizations and individuals are other facets of Defend Dignity.

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"Charity is a supreme virtue,and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed onto mankind.""
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